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Say goodbye to pencils! Achieve a polished, ombre finish with Powdered Eyebrows.

enjoy waking up to perfectly-shaped eyebrows every morning

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About Us

art of permanent makeup

Art PM delivers full-service permanent makeup offerings at our gorgeous beauty salon in Chicago, IL. While using the latest, on-trend techniques, our team of talented makeup artists continues to be instrumental in revolutionizing the local landscape of makeup services. From permanent lip color and lip blushing to lash lifts and tints, our premium makeup offerings transcend the standards of style and beauty services, thus positioning Art PM as a leading beauty salon since 2017.

why we do what we do

why Art PM

Our skilled technicians are genuine artists who understand how to transform eyebrows, lips, and lashes with stunning, natural-looking results.

As part of our unwavering commitment to the safety of our staff and clients, we only use tools that are 100% disposable to ensure optimal cleanliness and safety — on every visit. We are a fully-insured, licensed beauty salon that is staffed by highly-trained beauty professionals with the passion and credentials to deliver top-quality services.

Enhance the natural shape of your lips with pigment that holds up to 3 years. This semi-permanent treatment delivers a symmetrical boost with colorful definition.

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